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Why Us

Our unique portfolio of online & mobile advertising solutions deliver the ROI, targeted reach and conversions the advertisers are looking for.

Hooqy Media partners with thousands of local, specialty and industry-focused websites – which means we are uniquely positioned to direct your ad messages to just the right audience. Hooqy Media is the only advertising platform that provides 9 targeting features, enabling the advertisers to target campaigns at the right times and in the right place.

By joining Hooqy Media advertising program, our platform can dynamically optimize the campaigns in real time, adjusting the advertising buy minute by minute based on ad response. As a result, Hooqy ensures that your ads reach your ideal audience when they are most likely to engage, all at a lower cost than traditional targeting techniques.

With Hooqy Media you can:

  • Increase the number of qualified prospects at the top of your conversion funnel.
  • Connect with undiscovered audiences in order to increase your reach.
  • Offer advertisers incremental reach across the Net with our Text Ads, Rich Media Banner, Full Page Ad, Interstitial Ad , Mobile Redirect & remarketing advertising solutions.
  • Adjust real-time ad response by your ideal prospects automatically.
  • Reduce your cost per engagement from ad to your conversion goal.
  • Use actionable insight in other advertising and marketing channels.