Why Advertisers Need To Care CPG

At Hooqy, we’re seeing a steadily growing substantial increase in CPG advertising on our network.

What is CPG?

CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods, and can be anything that is packaged for sale at the consumer level. Going through your neighborhood supermarket, you see CPG products all around you – ranging from sun-screen and toothpaste, salad dressing, breakfast cereal, to music CDs, socks and coffee makers.

Then you might think to yourself – well, that’s interesting that CPG companies are interested in Hooqy, but what does this mean for me?

It’s a good thing you’ve asked! Even though CPG brands are amongst the most recognizable brands in the world, some people may not know why they need to buy these CPG brands.

And now CPG advertisers can increase customer engagement by using Hooqy’s full page mobile advertising solutions.

As an advertiser, this means more big, reliable, household names advertising on your brand.

What do CPG advertisers look for? In a word, quality. Hooqy has quality content focused around lifestyle, recreation, fashion, family, shopping, home improvement, etc., then you may see your CPG ads come to life on our publisher network.

In summary, advertisers and brands alike are increasingly recognizing the quality and effectiveness of our full page mobile advertising as a method to share the word about their CPG products. So eat your cereal, brush your teeth, freshen your underarms, and quench your thirst, with the confidence that your favorite brands are using Hooqy’s full page mobile ads to relay their brand messaging.