What Split Testing Means To Your Online/Mobile Campaigns

The reason that advertisers tend to overlook split testing is the belief that it is overly complicated, time consuming and expensive.

While that used to be the case, there are affordable and simplified options available today, regardless of your skill level or lack of technical knowledge. And here is why split testing is so incredibly important to you as an advertisers or online marketer: Let’s say that your landing page is currently converting only one sale out of every 100 visitors you receive. Let’s pretend that you are selling a Private Label membership package for $20.00. If only one visitor out of 100 join your membership club, your conversion rate would be 1%. Now, let’s say you start split testing your landing pages. Perhaps you change the headline so it’s more catchy and focused on your niche market; people interested in Private Label membership sites, and instantly your conversion rate increases by .25%.

Now you are generating 5 sales a day for every 400 visitors to your site. You would end up earning $100.00 per day instead of $80.00. You continue to split test your pages, this time changing the graphics so they load faster and aren’t so cluttered on the page, or you shift your copy so that the first paragraph is directly above the fold.

This increases your conversion rate yet again, this time by .75%. With just a few small changes you have boosted your conversion rate up by 1% and you are able to turn two visitors out of every 100 into a sale.

Your earnings would have literally doubled. Sometimes even the smallest, minor changes within a split testing campaign can cause a tremendous boost in revenue, and all with very little work involved!