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What is it like to work with us? Here’s what some of our partners have to say about us:

“Hooqy provides us with highly scaled qualitative traffic”

- Julian Werner, Innogames

“Hooqy is an industry leader that has a proven track record of success. We have received many quality leads through its services.”

- Sam Ho, Suba Games LLC

“We heard positive feedback from network members having collaborated with Hooqy and so chose the network as our partner. We have received quick return on investment and look forward to working with Hooqy again.”

- Ingrid Florin Muller, Ankama

“Hooqy helped us to elevate our browser game marketing to the next level. Hooqy is reliable in traffic delivery, communication and returns. Highly recommended!”

- Monika Guo, Koram Games Ltd

“Our objective is to get a steady flow of new players into our games to then convert them to paying users. Hooqy is one of our most valuable partners in player acquisition, especially on the French and German speaking markets. Hooqy has many exclusive traffic sources specialized in gaming that generate some stable volumes of good quality traffic for us. The Hooqy team is extremely reliable with an astonishing reactiveness to our requests and great advices on how to optimize our campaigns.”

- Alexandre Bousquet, Aeria Games