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Hooqy provides advertisers with a universal cross-platform ad management solution, which enables them to manage campaigns with various ad inventory, including desktop, mobile web, video and mobile app ad inventory.

Exceptional Campaign Management

Hooqy advertisers can control and manage any of your running ad campaigns in a fast and profoundly convenient way. It’s also simple to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, e.g. estimate this or that campaign in real time, set-up ad targeting and schedule them in one click.

Precise Targeting

Hooqy expands your reach opportunities, enabling the set-up of multiple ad campaign targeting configurations, e.g. country, browser, OS system or language. It takes minimal time and efforts to predefine the following: total impression limit for a particular campaign, daily impression limit, Start & End dates, daily click limits or total & daily budgets.

Regarding Hooqy targeting options for mobile, these include: mobile OS, device type, mobile carrier and geotargeting, not to mention custom targeting possibilities.

Variety of Ad Formats

Additionally Hooqy clients can use standard banners on display and mobile and benefit from a wide array of available rich media formats, which can be checked in our own Rich Media Gallery for Web and Mobile.

In this respect, Hooqy clients can select the best media formats for their business, like flash video full page display, custom HTML, cutting-edge rich media and much more.

We also have the high conversion ad format Page Under ad and Mobile Redirect ad. These ad formats allow your visitors your websites or app install pages directly.

Management, Reporting and Statistics in Real Time

It’s simple and, more importantly, quick to configure and launch a new ad campaign via Hooqy, and it’s also easy to implement any required changes on the go to get best results.

It’s also easy to keep all running campaigns under control, using advanced reporting and analytic updating in real time.

Control Panel on the Web

To start working with Hooqy there’s no need to download and install any software. All campaigns can be launched, tracked and managed (if necessary) in any of web browsers.