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Campaign performance and efficiency are driven by data and understanding the trends that data set reveals.

Hooqy Network provides advertisers with sophisticated reporting tools to review their campaign performance from hour-by-hour to month-long performance. From targeting to ad units and creative, advertisers can see what is working best for their campaign. As part of Hooqy Network’s commitment to transparency, advertisers always know how their campaign is performing relative to their objectives.

While our Ad vertical and contextual (AdVC) optimization technology manages campaign execution, our professional reporting tools give Hooqy Network clients valuable insights on overall performance.  We can set up criteria to segment an audience any way that you like and look at usage trends and patterns by geography, keyword, channel or site that’s important to you.

General Report

It is the summary of mobile campaign performance. Advertisers can generate a daily report with impressions, clicks, roi/app install and costs.

Keyword/Channel Report

This report allows advertisers to check the keyword/channel performance of each mobile campaign. Our system generates a report by your targeted keywords or channels.

Geographic Report

The system generates a traffic report by geographic distribution.

Site Report

By using this report, advertisers can see which performance of publisher site ids is good. If the publisher sites provide lower performance, advertisers can block this sites directly through this report.

Image Banners Report

Generate a report by mobile banners ad size for this campaign.