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Turn your ad inventory into more revenue

At Hooqy, we have developed a thorough understanding of the highly competitive needs of the industry and understand how to successfully monetize your valuable inventory.

Maximum revenue from traffic – Our expert Hooqy staff is dedicated to helping you earn the most from your website’s & mobile’s traffic. No matter the localization of your audience, our global offers are perfectly adapted to your needs. Benefit from high eCPMs in 249 countries and regions on all your international traffic.

Highest quality advertisers – Our main objective is creating the right fit between publishers and advertisers. This is the win-win relationship that generates the most revenue on both the publisher and advertiser end.

Global reach – We have international advertising partners enabling your website to expand its revenue potential.

Great reporting – Our technology allows you to follow your income hourly. You can sort by data, by ad metric, site section and other parameters. This allows you to follow your income and optimize.


Hassle-Free payout – First and foremost, we offer timely payments by Paypal or Wire. We have no minimum payments on paypal and a great reporting platform for your convenience.