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Professional Experience

Experiential Online Ad Optimization Team, Drive greater conversion result

For over ten years, Hooqy Media has demonstrated an enduring commitment to the values of quality, innovation, professionalism, and client satisfaction. It is this commitment that drives us to explore emerging industries, to innovate new technologies, and to set higher standards for service quality and client satisfaction.

Our clients tell us that we are unmatched in our ability to deliver the results they seek – and this is no coincidence.

Marketing online is a different game. Hooqy Network provides its clients with insight into over a decade of first-hand online marketing experience. We understand the nuances of the web insides and out. And we leverage this insight to build high performing online marketing campaigns that consistently exceed our clients’ marketing objectives.

Building on more than three decades of innovation in the communications technology field, Hooqy Media has been helping people and organizations communicate better and more efficiently through a dedication to needs-based development, quality-emphasis, and innovation. We have been at the forefront of interactive marketing, innovating, crafting, and redefining the standard for online media quality, ad delivery management, and campaign optimization technologies.


OCO Director: A seasoned marketing professional with in-depth knowledge of your industry. Our Directors craft actionable market insights through in depth analysis from programs we have run, from our publisher partners in your vertical, and through third party research resources.

OCO Account Manager: Expert in helping improve performance at the campaign level, these professionals guide the development and implementation of campaigns through industry best practices and real brand experience.

OCO Analyst: Through their in depth experience in analysis of the data from your vertical, these dedicated team members can uncover important insights from your campaign data and drive both short term and long term results improvement.

OCO Ad Operations Manager: In addition to their knowledge of our serving and analytics platforms, these team members have developed strong relationships with our site partners to ensure your programs run most effectively.