Media Buying Strategies To Hooqy Advertisers

Spending money buying media is actually the easy part. Getting the campaigns to work is part art and part science. Here are the media buying strategies that Hooqy Media share the advertisers. With testing, your goal is as follows:

1. Test

2. Find Pockets of Profitability

3. Support (stabilize) those pockets

4. Scale

5. Rinse and repeat

Test with a fixed amount (almost everytime)

Normally this amount should never change, but there are a few important exceptions to the rule

1. If the distribution has a higher minimum threshold. Most of the ad networks you are going to test have a minimum $100 budget, however as you get into more advanced and larger buys, the minimum will be higher.

2. If the offer you are promoting is a high ticket (low conversion offer), you may need to test slightly more to see if it can convert.

What to do if your campaign loses money….

1. Look to reduce what you are paying for the click.

2. Check your targeting and see if that can be improved without increasing the price.

3. Check your creative. Is there anything you can improve or create a greater call to action.

4. Landing page. If you are promoting a 3rd party offer, you have little options. If its your own page, find creative ways to increase conversions.

5. With 3rd party offers, ask for a higher payout. Getting a few extra dollars may mean the difference between profit and loss.

Find Pockets of Profitability (and Scale)

Your goal is to find and support profitable campaigns. Once you can identify profit, your goal is to support that profit by any means necessary. This includes:

1. asking for a higher payout

2. asking for quicker payout

3. asking (probably not getting) exclusivity

Once you can get profit, you want to scale the campaign both within the same network and take that winner and expand elsewhere.