Killing Conversion Mistakes In Landing Page

Simple is good. This philosophy can apply to affiliate marketing. According to our recent data, we notice that poor conversion campaigns have the same problems:

Too much content clutters landing pages

Make it clear to your customers that they can buy your product right there.
Keep it plain and simple. You’ll notice that a simple landing page is not the prettiest sites of all time. However, it’s clear, easy to navigate and, most importantly, attractive to customers.

Banner stuffing

When you go to website which is filled with banners everywhere, you feel annoying too. If you do decide to add a banner only use one or two. Banners are not as useful as they once were. Excessively used banners provide an impression that you are trying to sell too hard.

AdSense barrage

Before we activate CPV campaigns which contain Google Adsense, we kindly remind our advertisers to remove it. It’s not a bad program and, in fact, there are people who do extremely well with AdSense. However, there are two pitfalls. First, Adsense simply makes your site look less professional. Second, Adsense may steal your potential customers and reach to your competition.

Too Many Products

We keep to emphasize: Simple. Limit the amount of items you’re selling on a page to under 6. If customers are given too many options, they may get confused and leave your site right the way.