Increase Campaign Traffic through Media Buys

After you have created your landing page to promote your affiliate offers, media buys are your next logical step if you want to get traffic to your website fast.

When it comes to media buys, you will find that an ad network like Hooqy Media is cheaper than a direct buy since the ad network is working as the middleman. You will also have to use a bidding system with an ad network to compete with your competition in your niche. Some ad networks will normally require you to have a bigger budget, and they should only be considered if you want to scale an already profitable campaign to a broader audience. In Hooqy Media, you can use use self-service platforms of cost per click (CPC) advertising, cost per 1,000 impression (CPM) advertising, cost per visit (CPV) advertising and cost per interstitial (CPI) advertising. This will give you the chance to start out by spending around $25 or so to see what works for your market.

It is important to understand that you don’t need to spend billions of advertising dollars to see results in online marketing. You can still purchase successful media buys with a smaller budget, but you do need to make sure that you are working wisely and efficiently as you do so.

The way to maximize a small budget is by ensuring that your money is spent well and working with ad networks that will give you as many extras as possible in your ad campaign.

Your conversions are really what matters, which is why it may be best to work with ad network that can offer conversion to your campaigns. If you work with an ad network that is able to reach targeted users, then your smaller budget will go a longer way by generating more conversions for you.