How To Create PPV/CPV Campaigns In Hooqy Media

Hooqy PPV ad campaigns are a great way to reach out to targeted audiences to your landing page. They are an easy, customizable, and relatively inexpensive way to advertise.

For your advertising dollar, Hooqy PPV ads can actually give you terrific bang for your buck, because they are very targeted. You can be specific with who will see your ads, down to just a handful of people if you want. And you’re only charged when people view on the ad.

But how do you actually use it? Here’s how to create a Hooqy PPV ad campaign in nine steps.

1. Create the new campaign

When you have logged in advertiser member area, click “Create new campaign” under Quick Links Menu.

create new hooqy campaign

2. Name your campaign

Since you may have different PPV campaigns in Hooqy, you need to identify them with unique name. For the campaign type, make sure that you select “CPV”. The default maximum bid price is $0.01. You can try going low ($0.004) to start. If your bid is low, your offer may get less traffic.

Also, we recommend you to select All Networks so that your campaign will not miss the potential visitors.

name campaign Hooqy

3. Enter landing page URL

Our system allows you to enter direct URL or Javascript code. If you promote the offers from affiliate network, you can include all subid in the URL like:

Enter landing page URL

4. Target your campaign to specific countries

We provide country targeting and city targeting

Target your campaign to specific countries

5. Select keywords & categories to your campaign

As a contextual advertising network, advertisers can select suitable keywords/channel to target your ads so that their campaigns can reach people precisely.

keyword targeting
channel targeting

6. Set your budget

You’re going to want to run your ads for at least a few weeks to make your campaign worthwhile, in all likelihood. Add the amount to run the campaign.

Set your budget in Hooqy Media

7. Deposit fund

If your advertiser account does not have funding, you need to deposit through Paypal and credit card. And the system will redirect to Paypal.

deposit fund

8. Set the frequency cap and daily spend limit

Set the frequency cap and daily spend limit

9. Final

After you have completed, we will review your campaign in 1 – 3 business days.

final campaing setting