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How It Works

With Hooqy Ad Network, you can reach our unique audiences with the efficiency of a network without compromising content quality. In fact, our networks include many sites that are completely out of reach from other networks.

As for measurement, Hooqy Ad Network provides advertisers and agencies with robust, real-time campaign reporting and optimization. The result? Maximum return on your campaign investment, increased brand awareness, and a very high quality click:

  • The reach and frequency of a network.
  • The transparency and control of buying sites directly.
  • Target niche categories where audiences engage with advertisers High ROI for brand advertising.

The scenes behind Vertical Contextual Behavioural Targeting Technology

Place your advertisements in 4 easy steps.

  • Create Campaigns: Have creative that delivers the message to your audience? Upload multiple ads with rich media, video, display or text.
  • Choose Target: Define your audience, then buy directly from networks or aggregate networks though Hooqy Network. Even approve which sites will run your ad.
  • Test, Optimize and Deploy: With Hooqy Network, you can review the performance of creative, networks and sites to optimize your campaigns.
  • Results Report: Obtain results from Hooqy Network in multiple formats to analyze or display.