Hooqy Dips KPI & drives Pop for Leading Used Car Dealer


A leading used car dealer wanted to target auto intenders to promote its new models and winter sales events. It put Hooqy in the driver’s seat with a mission: design an efficient campaign that would drive traffic to its website and generate buyer leads.


Using our audience targeting platform, Hooqy developed a two-month strategy to help the car dealer reach its target audience and drive leads.

• We implemented third-party behavioral data for the client’s brand and car models to target their most likely customers.
• Competitors’ make and level data was also applied, to entice ambivalent consumers and gain market share.
• We placed a tracking pixel on the client’s website to optimize the auto brand with its most responsive audiences.


Hooqy’s innovative data-driven strategy delivered remarkable results for the leading car manufacturer. Our operations team constantly optimized the campaign to ensure the best-performing data was used.

As a result, Hooqy dipped the client’s overall KPI of $9.59 by 67%. We surpassed their CTR goal by 120% as well. Our proven ability to flawlessly execute campaigns earned Hooqy the incremental budget to connect the car brand with its most responsive audiences.