Get The Best Affiliate Products To Promote

If you’re selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer, or are planning to do so, please understand that you have a lot more control over how much money you earn, and how many sales you make, than you might think.

You still have control over…

(a) Deciding which products to sell, and

(b) How to promote your affiliate links.

Opinions differ as to the best way to decide which products to promote.

We notice some of our advertisers promote products which are already selling well in the affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, others find lesser known products to advertise, perhaps even ones that are new to the marketplace, since you are likely to be competing with fewer affiliates.

Our suggested approach is to pick the best. In other words, find the ones that seem to deliver the best value for money for prospective customers.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the amount of commission will be a big consideration for you – that’s why you’re an affiliate marketer.

However, the reason we suggest looking for the best value for money for the customer first, is that we believe it’s far easier to sell a great product through our network when you truly believe in it – even if there’s a lower commission payout available – than it is to sell an inferior or average product, despite the higher commission.

Great products spawn genuinely positive word of mouth, and once you’ve read the section on word of mouth, you’ll understand why this can often make or break a sale.
There are a couple of principles we strongly recommend when advertising other people’s products in our network:

1. When possible, use the product.

This may not always be practical, especially if you’re trying to choose between several different products, but whenever possible I’d recommend that you use the product with which you’re affiliated.

This gives you the advantage of having a real knowledge of the product, instead of one based solely on the sales material.

And since a lot of other affiliates may not actually be using it themselves (depending on the product and market), this gives you the advantage over them as well.

If it’s not possible to use it, then do as much product research as possible – find people who are using it, and get their opinions. See if there are any negative reviews out there, and find out why they’re negative. (Just be aware that many of those reviews may be from other affiliates, who are not necessarily impartial.)

2. Pre-sell the product.

Many affiliate marketers don’t promote their affiliate link directly, but send visitors to a “review page”, where they have a review of the product (possibly along with reviews of similar products, for comparison purposes).

Using a review page as landing page and advertising in our network is useful because there are many things you can do with it, including split testing (which I’ll discuss later), collecting the email address for further follow-up, gathering feedback, and making unique “buy through my link” offers.

3. Add value.

Some affiliate marketers add incentives for the visitor to buy the product through their affiliate link. The incentive could be cash, a related product, or an information product (such as a report) that adds value to the affiliate product in some way.

This is another good reason to use the product you’re promoting – you’ll know how to effectively add value to it. For instance, if the product has a particular weakness, or a feature that is difficult to use, you could write a short report showing how to use that feature easily.

Anything that adds value and helps them to get the most out of their purchase will not only help you to get the sale through your affiliate link, but is likely to lower refunds too!

You can give this incentive once they’ve purchased through your affiliate link – get them to email you their receipt in order to receive the incentive.

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