Drumming Up Online Business For B2B Orgranization


Our client is a B2B company that supplies customized uniforms, industrial clothing, footwear and accessories for a wide range of professions in sectors such as catering, emergency services, warehousing, etc. The company launched a campaign online with the straightforward goal of growing up business.


Targeting & media: This B2B company’s core audience consists of mid-level managers working in purchasing, procurement departments, i.e. in a position to place order and make discussion. Given the direct response nature of the campaign, our client opted for a Run of Network (RON) within a set of specific channel such as B2B, Money & Finance, most likely to attract this kind of profile desired by our client.

Landing page: In a bid to attract attention and maximize the chance of orders and inquiries, we recommend B2B company to choose the page with video which is the introduction of the company. We set this as a landing page and display through full page advertising.


• The campaign achieved an engagement rate 20 times higher than the average for standard display units, with a proportion of users watching until the end reaching 68%, a rare level of attention.

• Although the company did not disclose the actual number of orders and inquiries generated by the campaign, our client expressed their satisfaction with this campaign and continue to work with Hooqy.